A Biblical Worldview: Seeing the World as It Really Is

I’m thankful for good vision. I’ve never needed glasses, although many of my family and friends do use corrective lenses or contacts. Have you ever tried to wear someone else’s glasses? How did that work out? Instant blur and distortion! This is because they were uniquely designed for the person to whom they belong, not your eyes.

In a sense, we all need corrective lenses. Sin has damaged our ability to see and know who God is, who we are, our place in the world, and what will happen after we die. God has provided corrective lenses for us in what is called a Biblical worldview.

God uniquely designed the Bible to provide corrective vision to everyone. This is why the Bible and the Gospel work in every culture on the face of the earth. Every human being can “put on” the lenses of God’s Word, the Bible, and correctly see and interpret their world. Still, there are masses of people who insist on using the lenses of the world’s religions and traditions (lenses that God did not prescribe). The result? Instant blur and distortion!

What is your worldview?

“Worldview is how we look at the world around us, how do we understand life as it hits us in the face?”

“It is the grid that frames the nature of reality for you and the judgements that you make for yourself and others in your life.” (What is Worldview?, thetruthproject.org)

Everyone has a worldview—a set of lenses through which they attempt to make sense of the world around them. Many believe they can shop around and choose the “lens” that best suits them. Can a person do this when buying new glasses?

The optometrist prescribes lenses based on a patient’s unique diagnosis, which may differ from one patient to the next—e.g. myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness). This is why a person cannot haphazardly wear other people’s lenses (because it would distort their vision!). Likewise, there is just one suitable worldview, one “lens” to view the world correctly: a Biblical worldview.

We are living in a world that says, “There are no absolutes” … “Your truth is as good as my truth. Truth is relative.”

Can I just say,

“It matters that Christian people maintain absolutes in a world that has almost completely dismissed any absolutes whatsoever?”

There are entire denominations within mainstream Christianity that have abandoned a literal creation account for evolution, cast off belief in the inerrant word of God for a collection of “sayings of Jesus,” conceded to the extreme left in acknowledging homosexual relationships instead of denouncing the immorality of our day. We are living in perilous times!

An Apostolic worldview goes even further than mainstream Christianity, because it seeks to identify with the distinct beliefs and experiences of the first Christians. The first Christians believed in One God, baptized in Jesus name, received the the Holy Ghost, and taught a life of holiness. They believed God can heal sickness and work miracles. We can see clearly in a world that is blind and groping in darkness. We can make sense of life because we see it through the lens of God’s Word! We can see the world as it really is.

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